Membership of the ASFDE Inc. is open to practitioners, students or associated professionals of the forensic document examination community.

Membership Levels


Individuals who are fully-trained document examiners but not otherwise meeting the requirements for regular membership. This level of membership is also for individuals working in an industry directly related to the discipline of forensic document examination.


Individuals who are in training to become forensic document examiners in a forensic document laboratory that is recognised by the committee, or individuals who are fully trained but have not worked full-time in the field for 5 years.


Individuals who are practising and presenting expert evidence in the field of forensic document examination; have a minimum of 5 years experience; are working full-time in a forensic document laboratory recognised by the committee and are recognised in their laboratory as being fully trained.

Life Member

Individuals who have been regular members of the Society in excess of 20 years; such persons who meet this criteria can be nominated for life membership and are elected to this level of membership by the committee of the Society on recommendation.


ASFDE Inc Membership Application Form 2017

Please download the form, complete and email or post it along with your CV to the secretary.

All applications for membership are subject to the discretion of the committee. No distinction is made in the levels of membership on the basis of tasks undertaken, for example, it is not a requirement that handwriting and signature examinations form part of a regular member applicant’s job description.

The current annual membership fee is $100. The annual membership fee is payable on notification of acceptance as a member of the ASFDE Inc. Payments can be paid by EFT or over the counter deposit. Please contact the secretary for details.

Current Members

As at December 2017, the ASFDE Inc. has a membership of over sixty recognised forensic document examiners and trainees from government organisations and private practice.