Privacy Policy

The ASFDE Inc. undertakes to protect the privacy of our members and will not provide personal information to any third party. Members provide contact and other personal details when applying for membership.  These details are otherwise only available to the Executive Committee. Members are asked to update these details with the Secretary whenever there is a change.

The ASFDE Inc. operates a members-only email list which is free from spam and commercial advertisements, and to which members must subscribe by provision of an email address.  This list is used only to communicate with the membership about Society activities, other matters relevant to the organisation of the ASFDE Inc, and third party events or opportunities that we think our members might be interested in.

A person’s membership of the ASFDE Inc. can be revealed to other ASFDE Inc. members or any member of the public by making enquiries with the Secretary.  The Secretary will confirm only that an individual is or is not a current financial member of the Society; no other details are provided.

Proceeding with an application for membership is considered acceptance of the aforementioned arrangements.